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纽约时报:不像俄罗斯挑起的战争,美国参与的战争“促进了自由和民主” [美国网评]

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NYT: Unlike Russian Wars, USWars ‘Promote Freedom and Democracy’

纽约时报:不像俄罗斯挑起的战争,美国参与的战争“促进了自由和民主”The New York Times, in its recent rebuff of commentsPresident Donald Trump made about Russia, seems not to have evolved itsunderstanding of US geopolitics past an 8th grade level. Trump had been askedby Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly (2/5/17) why he wouldn’t condemn Vladimir Putin,whom O’Reilly called a “killer.”


“You got a lot of killers,” Trump told O’Reilly. “What, you think our country’sso innocent?”


Naturally, this prompted a torrent of pearl-clutching from liberal patriotsaghast that the president could equate the moral worth of the United Stateswith that of the dastardly Russians. Most prominent among these was the NewYork Times, whose editorial board published a flag-waving scolding called “BlamingAmerica First” (2/7/17):


Asserting the moral and political superiority of the United States over Russiahas not traditionally been a difficult maneuver for American presidents. Butrather than endorsing American exceptionalism, Mr. Trump seemed to appreciateMr. Putin’s brutality—which includes bombing civilians in Syria and, hisaccusers allege, responsibility for a trail of dead political opponents andjournalists at home—and suggested America acts the same way.
Oh my, the horror.


A rough look at the actions in question since Putin has been in office revealsthis outrage to be, at best, misplaced. One tally by Airwars, a Westernnonprofit, puts the total number of Syrian civilians killed by Russia since itentered the war in September 2015 at just over 4,000, or 0.8–0.4 percent of the500,000 to 1 million civilians who died due to George W. Bush’s unilateralinvasion of Iraq in 2003. Add to this the thousands of other civilians killedin other theaters of the “War on Terror” under the Bush and Obamaadministrations, including Afghanistan, Libya and Syria itself, and the idea ofpointing to respect for civilian lives as something that elevates the UnitedStates above Russia seems a little absurd.


But the addition of stifling dissent and allegedly killing journalists takesRussia over the line into Bad Guy territory, the Times suggests—ignoring theUS’s own harsh punishment for whistleblowers, infiltration of dissident groupsand bombing of foreign journalists. Not to mention the US’s sprawling,unprecedented incarceration system, or its unmatched institutional racism–allhuman right abuses leveled at home.

但是,随着压制异议的增加和传闻中杀死记者的行为使得俄罗斯已经逾越了底线变成了一个邪恶的国家,纽约时报暗示着——俄罗斯无视美国对间谍的严厉惩罚,对异见团体进行渗透并轰炸外国记者。(在特朗普政府的领导下)更不必提及美国庞大,前所未有的监控体系,或者其极端的体制性种族主义——所有侵犯人权的行为正在国内发生。(体制性种族主义:历史上的歧视造成的严重后果已化为根深蒂固的“体制性种族主义”(institutional racism),这种镶嵌在文化和制度中的种族歧视是如此严重,以至于任何单纯的反歧视都将会使过去的不正义永久性的固化)

The Times goes on to insist that “no American president has done what Mr. Putinhas done,” including “invading Ukraine” and “interfering in the Americanelection.” Of course, American presidents have invaded other countries andintervened in other elections, but for reasons unclear, the Times suggests thatthose two cases are the ones that indicate the US’s moral superiority overRussia.


The New York Times briefly mentions the Iraq War and torture, but whistles pastthese episodes by insisting they were “terrible mistakes.” The Times seems tobe under the impression that Russia kills innocents for laughs, while theUnited States does so only with the best of intentions:


At least in recent decades, American presidents who took military action havebeen driven by the desire to promote freedom and democracy, sometimes withextraordinary results, as when Germany and Japan evolved after World War II fromvanquished enemies into trusted, prosperous allies.


That US invasions “have been driven by the desire to promote freedom anddemocracy” is not argued, let alone proved; it’s presented as an article offaith. As the Times’ “recent decades” go back to World War II, the UnitedStates presumably killed an estimated 3.8 million in Vietnam “to promotefreedom and democracy”—despite President Dwight Eisenhower admitting that giventhe chance, 80 percent of the Vietnamese people would have voted for Ho ChiMinh, the leader whose government the US opposed. Implicitly, the US’s use ofcovert terror to try to overthrow the elected government of Nicaragua, and USmilitary support for death squad regimes elsewhere in Central America, werelikewise motivated by a longing for freedom and democracy.

在这篇文章里,美国的入侵“是由促进自由和民主的愿望所驱动的”并不存在讨论,更不用说证明了; 它就是作为一篇信仰文章呈现的。正如时代报所言,为了促进自由民主“在第二次世界大战期间,美国在越南杀了约380万人”,尽管艾森豪威尔总统承认由于这种原因,80%的越南人将投票支持美国所反对的领导人胡志明。暗示着,美国利用隐蔽的恐怖手段试图推翻尼加拉瓜当选的政府,以及美国对中美洲其他地方的杀手集团的军事支持,同样也是出于对自由和民主的渴望。(dead squad拉美某些国家从事谋杀左派或罪犯等的杀手小队)

As FAIR (9/30/16) has noted, the most important function of major editorialboards is to be gatekeepers of national security orthodoxy. And there is nomore axiomatic orthodoxy than American exceptionalism. One can handwring over“mistakes,” even occasionally do harsh reporting on American war crimes—so longas one arrives back at the position of American moral superiority. “Yes, Americahas made mistakes,” the good liberal insists, “but at least we don’t do thisother bad thing that is, unaccountably, uniquely disqualifying.”


Clearly, Trump’s motives in questioning American innocence were anything butliberal or noble. He was evoking America’s own sins not to challenge them, butto apologize for those of the Russian president and, preemptively, his own. Butthe outrage over Trump’s comments from pundits and editorial boards did notseek to spotlight his cynicism and its dark implications, but rather to insistthat the United States is, in fact, on a higher moral plane than Russia. Thisis a childish assertion that serves to flatter the ego of American readerswhile legitimizing their government’s crimes.