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中国人说留在中国的外国人都是洋垃圾。如果回到他们自己的国家,他们肯定全是屌丝!这是真的吗? [美国网评]

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Lots of Chinese people say that foreigners who stay in China are trash and if they go back to their countries they are definitely losers. Is it true?


Stephen Gilbo
It might be true, it might not, and that INCLUDES English teachers.   First of all, the idea that a person who comes abroad to teach English is automatically trash is fairly rubbish in its own right.   Certainly if the Chinese schools / educators thought they could do the job themselves, they'd do it.  Demand exists from parents and educators alike, so the jobs are available, and they're available everywhere.  If anyone is to blame for "loser" foreigners, it would be the schools/HR staff themselves.  You do interviews, you vet applicants and you hire the right person.  Failure to do so will give you poor employees in any field in any country.    If you hire someone from Nigeria, list him as from "Chicago" in your school pamphlet, push him/her into a classroom where they may or may not have the qualifications--that's not really the fault of the Nigerian, is it? 
Of course, what one considers trash or not, is largely subjective.  Does every person who comes to your country must contribute in one form or another?  Does every Chinese person who goes abroad add to the local development?  What about Chinese that go to NYC/LA and live out their lives in Chinatown?  If you want your country to only attract the cream of the crop, you need to structure yourself in such a way that is an attractive prospect to do so.  Have retirement options, better permanent resident options, make it easier to fully participate in society and have a clean environment that wants to make people with PhDs come to China and stay there.  Professionals tend to attract other professionals. 
Also, a number of answers also include a comment on girls.  Look at my profile picture--clearly I got married to one. Of course, she spoke no English when we met, and we still converse only in Chinese  until this day. Certainly there is an attraction for some Chinese girls to foreign men.  It reminds me of a conversation in a taxi when I was with a female friend of mine and the driver thought we were together.
"Why would you want to be with a foreigner?  Why can't you be with your own kind?"
the driver says, oblivious to the fact we weren't together (and that I understood him).
How often do Chinese users on Quora, for instance, bemoan that westerners that comment on China can't get a clear picture because they've never visited?    There are over 2,000,000 Chinese immigrants in the U.S. alone.  They can't all be angelic, upstanding citizens--but they're certainly helped shape people's opinion of the U.S. and Americans back at home, have they not?





Chinese wise up to these kinds of things rather quickly.  
There's the stereotype of the Charisma Man, originally conceived for Western men in Japan but applies equally to Western men in China:
Charisma Man
Basically, it's the idea as stated above, that the Western male "English teacher" is just a drifter who's looking to score some naive Chinese women while getting paid a lot to do not a whole lot.
I think we can all agree that this kind of expat in China really does exist, and is hardly rare.
And as with most stereotypes, negative ones take precedence over positive ones.  
For the time being though, it's only the Chinese living in the major cities that have wisened up.  The 2nd and 3rd tier cities are still oblivious.  And if you're adventurous enough to try a 4th or 5th tier city, then you'll still be a rockstar.
That is all assuming you're caucasian.  The rule of thumb is that the lighter your skin as a foreigner, the better you will be treated.  Yes, it's far from being always true in all cases, but as a rule of thumb, I think it's pretty solid.


和大多数刻板印象一样,好事总是不出门,而坏事却能传千里。但就目前而言,只有居住在大城市的中国人才会明显地觉悟。而在第二、三线城市,很多人仍然没有意识到。如果你有足够的冒险精神, 去尝试尝试到第四或第五线的城市发展,那么你仍然将成为一个摇滚明星,但这一切都建立在你是白人的假设上。

Lucas Parker
This is based on inferiority complex.
Chinese people who say this feel that white people are inherently superior than them, and those who “have” to live in China must be losers.


Going to answer anonymously.
Ok, I am a Chinese with strong national pride and I am from a very well to do family so my judgement might be biased. I think many (NOT ALL) foreigners who are in China are trash. 
First of all, most of them do not have a university degree and their prospects in their home country are far worst than teaching English in China. So it makes sense economically for them to stay in China. They also get treated with a lot of respect, at restaurants or even walking on the street. People seems to be scared of pissing off foreigners but do not really care about Chinese people even though the Chinese are the ones with connections that can screw with them.
Secondly, they think it Chinese girls are quite easy. And they are right, Chinese women love western man. That is fine by me. Unfortunately, many of them tend to brag about their conquests and post on forums for expats about how easy it is to get laid, how Chinese men are unable to satisfy their women, etc etc. 
Foreign Men Boast About Sexual Conquests in China, Reactions
Just a while back, there was some youtube video on how this White guy stole this HK guy's girlfriend. Anyways, I know this is not always the case, but when I go clubbing (even at fancier places like Spark and Xiu, those that are from Beijing will know what I am talking about), I see foreign men swarm Chinese women and try to buy them drinks or grind dance with them after already being rejected.
These are the two main things that I see and experience everyday when I am in China. As for Chinese students in America (like myself), I feel the people here treat you with more respect and they are a lot less racist. Maybe it is because I have only encountered fellow students and not the general public.
At the end of the day, labor mobility is part of globalization, I have no complaints, I know Chinese tourists terrorizes the streets of NYC.





As a foreigner living in China, I would have to say I have not really encountered this view from Chinese.  Perhaps it is only something Chinese people say behind our backs.  If it is true that foreigners are treated with lots of respect and can get better jobs then back home, then it seems that the Chinese treating us with respect and giving us jobs do not think we are trash.  
I have heard this idea among expats, however.  There is an idea that other foreigners are losers.  First, I have to say it is a bit ungenerous for foreigners to think this of other foreigners.  If they are trash, then maybe so am I.  The tendency is mainly to look down on English teachers, not foreigners in China in general.  If Chinese think some of these people are trash, I suspect they got that idea from other foreigners.    
There is also the idea of the slimy old guy who just comes to date Chinese women because he could never get a date back home.  I'm sure these guys exist, but I have met very, very few of these.  Of course this is not restricted to foreigners who live in China--it also could include people on business trips and tourists.  
I know lots and lots of foreign men who have Chinese wives, and a few foreign women with Chinese husbands, and again, they are not trash.  I would observe, however, that many of these foreign men are kind of nerdy or shy, and probably found themselves much more popular in China, where women seem to like nerdy, shy guys more than Western women.  Perhaps they are trash, but mostly they strike me as nice and are people who have been academically and financially successful.  Many of these people return home with their new families and continue to be successful.      
In my own experience, most foreigners in China are highly competent professionals--diplomats, interpreters, performers, writers, researchers, lawyers, architects, etc.  I know people who graduated from Yale and Harvard, people with Ph.D.s, people on Fulbrights, entrepreneurs, and so on.  These people are not trash, and generally when they go home, these are not losers, but continue to be successful.  Even many of the English teachers I have known have graduated from good schools in the U.S. or are retired professors from the U.S.  
On the other hand,  I have known a few misfits who probably couldn't get or keep jobs in their own countries.  It is true that some simply lacked the qualifications back home, but honestly, the worst I have known had advanced degrees and high positions.   Still, they were nasty people who treated people around them poorly, womanized, or in the very worst cases abused children.  Most of them were eventually fired and sent packing back to their home countries.  These people really make things worse for all foreigners in China, because they cause some people to think all foreigners are bad people.  We wish the Chinese did more background checks when hiring.





Darryl Kassle
From the point of view that these people were socially isolated, not popular and considered to be not i cluded within popular social circles then yes if this is what the Chinese are referring to when they describe such foreigners as trash then yes i would have to agree. I myself lived in Shanghai for a year around 20 yrs ago as a part of an exchange schlorship program between our university and our Chinese equivalent in China. We were all caucasian foreigners from Australia and i would have to say that most of my fellow students fit the description above. Most of them were the unpopular nerd types who enjoyed the social interaction and status they recieved in China but would not get back at home. 
At home they would be lucky to have more than 3 friends and would never if ever go out or get invited to a party yet in China they experienced all of this. Interestingly i must point out these types i think did not expect it to be like this yet i did observe that after such treatment many were to return to China after first going home and i do believe they were influenced by the memories of how they were treated.However the accussation that they are of inferior quality i would disagree with. While most were socially awkward many were highly capable students often achieving high distinctions on average and were either doing a masters or even a phd. Intelle tually you could not fault them and many of them later went on to be employed in high end jobs working in both the private and public sector. A few i know of worked in high positions at the Australian embassy and the Foreign Affairs department. To say they are losers is an absolute joke in this regard and if the many whom ended up getting employment in Chi a were to try back at home i would say they would still get jobs with high positions. I sorta understand where this attitude and mentality is coming from but its more to do with the personalities and their social status. At the same time there were those stereotypically cool types there when i was there and ironically they were seen as the losers by many foreigners themselves as they just scrapped thru acedemicallyand were always missing class and partying . Its these types that would have trouble coming across decent employment prospe ts back home.




Dan Lions
The irony here is that Chinese actually want the trash from abroad. If a teacher is qualified, students complain. If a teacher is an idiot, students love him. Chinese students always praise the worse teachers. I call them monkeys, because they don't really teach. They play a circus in class. They are entertainers. 


Byeonguk Yook
That sounds eerily similar to some complaints and image of certain English teachers in Korea. The fault lies in the host country in not properly screening. The obsession in English is so great that they rushed into it without setting up proper procedures. Guess what happened? Not so good people went in and engaged  while "free riding" on perks of being English teachers.