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据称某父亲因女儿染发而剪了她的头发 [美国网评]

五毛网 美国 2018年02月12日 来源:龙腾网


The internet is slamming a father who allegedly cut his daughter’s hair after she was treated to highlights for her birthday.


Christin Johnson posted a series of photos to Facebook after her daughter Kelsey returned home from visiting her father and stepmother.


“This is what my daughter looked like Sunday when I took her home and the other two pics is what happened today before she was brought to me… all over me having highlights put in her hair for her birthday!” she wrote.


Allegedly the teen’s father and stepmom were upset about the teen’s new highlights and took her punishment into their own hands.


The Facebook post has gone viral with more than 34000 reactions and 1200 comments with some followers even saying this should be considered a form of child abuse.


“Kelsey you are a beautiful young woman. Do not let the actions of these two monsters ruin your confidence. If they cannot accept that you are beautiful and can express yourself in this way then they do not deserve your consideration. I hope you are feeling loved and supported” commented one Facebook user.


“This is outright child abuse. What is wrong with these people? I would not leave my child alone with these people again” added another.


According to Fox 8 News Haskins Police Department is investigating the situation as a case of child abuse. Both the father and stepmother have been suspended from their jobs as firefighters.



vh4ever2.000 days ago
way more to this than just HAIR


Lear2.000 days ago
There is more going on here than hair probably some control issues between father and mother should not have been taken out on daughter tho. SMH maybe custody needs to be looked at again.


Telli2.000 days ago
If the father ever wanted his daughter to hate him this is an action that is right up there I promise you she will never forget this SMH


Joe2.000 days ago
As a bald guy I hate to see anyone waste good hair.


crymeariver2.000 days ago
Just an all around richard move by dad/step mom. My bet is ongoing animosity with biological mom over other things.


Woody440392.000 days ago
When I was 15 my father who flew into a rage over something I had nothing to do with slammed me to the floor pounded my face with his fists and shaved my hair off with clippers. He got away with it back then (1975). I won't ever forget it.


Her dad cut her hair and she will cut him out of her life. I hope he figures out it wasn't worth it.


J2.000 days ago
soooo dyeing it back her natural color was never an option huh? Come on parents (and I use that term loosely) do better!


Loki2.000 days ago
Well that clarifies why mom DIVORCED that jackass!


jeff2.000 days ago
Yes if there is anything I found that will bring your relationship with your daughter on a closer level its cutting off all her hair. Girls don't even care about their hair at all and she of course will thank you for it..... OR she'll never speak with you again. its about a 99.9999999% chance for the latter.


and that would be THE last time that I would ever see my father and step monster EVER again !


Somo2.000 days ago
Wow—somebody just RUINED their relationship with their daughter FOREVER. Dad is clearly abusing her in other ways as well. He’s controlling and that’s unhealthy. Mom—save your daughter.


Christine2.000 days ago
Just trying to make her feel less - a good dad would be building her up. Dad and step mom true bullies!


RL2.000 days ago
If you ever want to alienate yourself from your daughter/step daughter and never be trusted again do something moronically stupid... like this dad and step mom did. I feel so bad for this teen.


"Haskins Police Department is investigating the situation as a case of child abuse. Both the father and stepmother have been suspended from their jobs as firefighters." Serves them right! Hope they are convicted.


CHER2.000 days ago
If it was a matter of them not wanting her hair to have highlights the solution was as close as their nearest store or stylist to recolor her hair. I worked with a woman whose daughters long hair was cut off as she slept as a prank at a sleepover ..those involved were charged with assault


brandi clark2.000 days ago
If you’re upset because your ex-wife changed something about your daughter’s hair you take it up with your ex-wife. The fact that he chose to take it out on the daughter shows that he’s a coward. Might wanna look into this guy


Sharon2.000 days ago
time for this young lady to emancipate herself from dad and stepmom's care. clearly they're a little twisted!!!


She won't forget. I haven't forgotten when my Dad cut 15 inches when I asked him to trim the bottom...35 years ago!


L2.000 days ago
its people like this that give us step-parents a bad name....


Kristina2.000 days ago
How do you even justify this? She didn't get a tattoo. She didn't get anything pierced! She didn't even try to dye her hair purple. All she did was go out and do something to make her hair even more beautiful! This is a travesty!